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One of the guiding principles at Sereno Group is that personal choices affect community in unexpected ways. At Sereno Group, we
are always encouraged to see the good, and uphold it.

In an effort to support the best of our community, Sereno Group has pledged to give 1% of our gross commissions to a charitable or community-minded group committed to making a positive difference in the communities we serve.

Organizations will be chosen in our specific office communities and will be selected by our agent teams each quarter, with the 90 day aggregate sum of donation dollars being delivered to our beneficiary organizations at the end of each period.

Sereno Group is committed to our local communities and will always seek to support them in any positive way possible.

Visit our One Percent Facebook Page for more information about donating, events, or to see our local advertising.

We work where you work.
We live where you live.
Our community is your community.